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Processors in Programming Languages (VPRI-0234)
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The Dynabook -- Past, Present and Future 1986 (VPRI 0671)
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Pacific Northwest Bell Technology Forum October 3rd (VPRI 0141)
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Future School Now 5/5/1988 (VPRI 0895)
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Directions in Object-Oriented Programming From Actions to Agents (VPRI-0219)
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Machine That Changed The World, The; Interview with Alan Kay, (1990)
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End-User Programming March 21 1991 (VPRI 0147)
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Defining Perspective, INEL Computing Symposium Sep 10, 1991(VPRI 0189)
Kids & COMPUTERS: What's a parent to do? Panel Session
Kids & COMPUTERS: What's a parent to do? in 1991 (VPRI 0441 part 1)
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Dynabook: The Complete Story
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Education in the Digital Age (VPRI 0673)
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Vantive World 1999 (VPRI 0827)
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ALAN-K Project (Kyoto University) Inauguration Talk (09/29/2002)
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Alan Kay at Etech 2003
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Back to the Future of Software Development 4/23/2003 (VPRI 785)
Alan Kay Turing Lecture with dynamic content
The Center of "Why?"
Alan Kay, '05 Columbia College Commencement
Kyoto Prize Morning TV Show Interview 2/28/2005 (VPRI 0762)
Kyoto Prize Morning TV Show Interview 2/28/2005 (VPRI 0762)
Could Computing Be Simpler Than It seems to be by Alan Kay 2006
Alan Kay : July 2007 : A Conversation with CMU Faculty & Students
Alan Kay: A powerful idea about teaching ideas
The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet! (June 22nd 2007)
A Talk by Alan Kay at MobilFest 2007 (Nov 21 2007)
Alan Kay speech “Beyond Printing (medium)”
The 40th Anniversary of the Dynabook
Alan Kay (Part 9 of 10)
Alan Kay on the future of Collective Intelligence
The Ceremony of Awarding the Honorary Doctorate of Kyoto University to Dr. Alan Kay, Part 2
Alan Kay - Normal Considered Harmful
How Complex is "Personal Computing"?
Alan Kay: Big Ideas are Sometimes Powerful Ideas
Alan Kay CES Jan 2010
alan kay interview - 2010 elearning symposium 320x240
alan kay keynote - 2010 elearning symposium 320x240
08 We Were So Lucky Alan Kay
srii 2011 keynote talk by alan kay
Alan Kay - Programming and Scaling
Alan Kay’s Banquet Speech at ECOOP 2011
KEYNOTE 1: Alan Kay - Rethinking Design, Risk, and Software
The NITLE Summit 2012 - Keynote Address by Dr. Alan Kay
Alan Kay — "Learning to See"
Extracting Energy from the Turing Tarpit
An Interview with Computing Pioneer Alan Kay
Alan Kay - 2012 SCIx Keynote Presentation
Alan Kay, 2013: Interview
Part 1 - NATF 2013 - Alan Kay Keynote
Part 2 - NATF 2013 - Alan Kay Keynote
3.26.13 Technology and Transformation: Vishal Sikka and Alan Kay in Conversation with Paul Saffo
Lecture: Putting Turing to Work
Alan addresses Qualcomm
Alan Kay - Programming Languages & Programming (2013)
Alan Kay's tribute to Ted Nelson at "Intertwingled" Festival
LampsonFest - Bob Metcalfe, Bob Sproull, & Alan Kay
Founder School Session: The Future Doesn't Have to Be Incremental (2014)
Interview with Alan Kay
Alan Kay, 2015: Power of Simplicity
Alan Kay @ SAP
Alan Kay - Inventing the Future Part 1
Alan Kay - Inventing the Future Part 2
Alan Kay at STRAP 2015 - Our Most Important Revolution part (1/2)
Alan Kay at STRAP 2015 - Our Most Important Revolution part (2/2)
The 2015 Aspen Institute/ Kennedy Center Arts Summit with Alan Kay and Sarah Lewis
Rethinking CS Education | Alan Kay, CrossRoads 2015
ML30: Alan Kay
Joe Armstrong & Alan Kay - Joe Armstrong interviews Alan Kay
CHI 2016 Plenary: Alan Kay in conversation with Vishal Sikka
Alan Kay at UCLA 04 07 16
Alan Kay at CresstCon 2016
How to Invent the Future I - Stanford CS183F: Startup School
How to Invent the Future II - Stanford CS183F: Startup School
Thinking about Thinking about Seymour
CrossRoads 2017 | Alan Kay keynote - Education That Takes Us To The 22nd Century
Starship Congress 2017: Alan Kay, "Preparations for Communicating with Aliens"
Alan Kay Lecture - CCSMFAIXD IxD Evolution Course 2017-10-09
2018 Lindberg-King Lecture: The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It. But Is It Already Too Late?
Alan Kay IT 25 50 Symposium
Scale Up the Circular Economy - Great Talk with Legendary Computer Scientist Alan Kay | Summit 2019
Alan Kay - ARPA / Xerox PARC culture
Alan Kay Speaks at ATLAS Institute, University of Colorado Boulder
Alan Kay Discussion
Alan Kay talking about his (now potentially rescheduled) XT20 talk
An interview with Alan Kay
Virtual HLF 2020 – Talk: Alan Kay
Alan Kay en 2020 + Q&A con Hernan Wilkinson
FutureLaw 2021 | Opening Keynote: There Oughta be a Law!
Keynote: Making Progress — Alan Kay
Is Software Engineering Still an Oxymoron? • Alan Kay • GOTO 2021

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